• about

    On a cross country bike trip, Naomi, Jaime, and Rane are searching for answers to questions about the impact of trash in our society. Naomi and Jaime will be cycling from Virginia to Southern California, and Rane will be riding until Colorado.

  • questions

    How do you define "trash"? What was the last thing you  purchased? What did you consume today & what did you throw away? If you look in your trashcan, what story does it tell? Where does your trash go after it hits the pavement?


    ...and why does any of this even matter?

  • what we believe

    We believe in thinking critically about the ethical and environmental impact of what we eat. Being vegan has given us the opportunity to educate ourselves and work towards reducing our contribution to systems of animal exploitation and environmental degradation.


    Now, it's time to take the next step in understanding the food [bi]cycle. Where does our food go after the last bite?

  • the goal

    By meeting and listening to Americans along our route, we plan to gain a better understanding of individuals' lives and how their stories reflect the larger problem of trash in America. Specifically, we'll be engaging communities by creating a platform for dialogue about trash, food waste, and what it means to be sustainable, talking about their habits and perceptions about trash. We'll also be interviewing farmers, families, and whoever else we meet on the road. Another main component of our trip will be to leave no trash trail; this means wasting no food and reducing and reusing the packaging we do accumulate. In other words, we’ll be doing this trip the trash-free way.

Created by: Philip Vachon